Calling ID

calling id by patrick kazarian


After dinning home, he heads to an underground party, where the flow of events lead to a devastating outburst.

Filmmaker's Statement:

I wrote this film, based on a long, hard and an ongoing battle agaisnt homosexuality in the middle east, the film is inspired by Freud's oedipus theory, when a boy needs to kill the father figure and claim the phallus in order to enter manhood.


Writer : Calling ID - Short Film

Director: Calling ID - Short Film

Bold, Italic, Underline - Short Documentary

Cinematographer : Rogue - Short Film

Bold, Italic, Underline - Short Documentary

Biography: Patrick Kazarian

It all started when my dad took me to the movies for the first time in my life, i looked up the giant glowing silver screen and it hit me. i wanted to do everything i could to have my own films on that screen someday, to tell the stories of people, of societies, cultures and embrace the differences. I graduated film studies in 2018 and now i work in the film and advertisement fields... I'm still going after that childhood dream and it keeps getting better as I grow.


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