Crystal - Camilio Azoury


Detective Cooper is chain-smoking at his home desk, trying to file a murder report. It's obvious that Kathleen murdered Daniel in self defense, but 3 different lead-ups are turning in the Detective's head. None of them are the truth.


My grandfather raised me since I was a little boy. His projector and endless supply of old film rolls was what awakened my burning passion for film. When he passed away, a lot of those rolls were water damaged, but I held on to the rest and to my dear memories of those precious hours in front of the projection. I grew up and studied audio-visual arts to materialize my passion with the help of cinematic techniques. I had to take a 6 year break to work in TV as a technical director when the opportunity presented itself because I needed the financial help. I got married to a woman equally passionate about cinema who was in my class at the university, and we both shot our short films this year, with those classic films being my ultimate inspiration for my short film, and those memories my drive to awaken the love of films in another little child someday.

Director Statement:

Two looks, I believe, are the most important in life: the first and the last. I based my writing of Crystal on that principle, where the middle is a land of possibilities.
After 6 years of putting my film studies on hold and working in TV, I had almost forgotten the importance of a well written script, and had focused my attention on honing my skills in presenting a beautiful image. When I sat down to write the script of my short film after I went back to university, I realized that I was missing the tools to actually write something good. It was a shock. I sat down for months watching a lot of films, and I realized that the ones that stuck with me and most resembled my style were films with complex yet quite human scripts that made me scratch my head and re-watch them to get the full story, yet were classic in how they treated the human experience from content to image to sound to acting.
A combination of drifting away from uni friends and a shortage of funds forced me and my wife to put our heads together and shoot my film on our own. The sets were us two, and the actors. It was a wonderful and liberating experience that I wouldn't trade for the world, and I am glad that I had the chance to learn things that I never thought I needed to learn. I gained a whole lot of appreciation for different crew members and how hard their work is, which will make me a good and appreciative director later on, should I be lucky and blessed enough to make it.
Crystal is a detective story about everything you do not see on screen. It's about reading between the lines when the lines don't tell you the real story. It opens with a look of truth, ends with a look of truth, and the middle is a land of possibilities.

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