Naseem by Mikael Asmar


In a private world lives a 10 years old boy called Naseem. He earns a very tiny living from delivering newspapers every morning, then as usual completes his way to his secret place, a hill, where he blows a dandelion every time he has a wish to make. One day, his world turns upside down after he decides to enter a strange old house that he always had the curiosity to do so. There, he finally finds what he has been looking for.


Michael Asmar has completed his 3 years cinema study at Al Kafaat University (Aïn Saadé - Lebanon). He shot Naseem as his senior and first movie.
Now he is working as a freelance director, making short films, reports, promotions... Hoping that someday he will be able to watch his feature on the big screen!

Director Statement:

Hello everyone!
This is Naseem, my senior movie where I made my childhood memories come alive again. What my eyes saw back in the years, they are seeing the same in pictures.
The locations where the movie has been filmed are exactly where I used to spend my summer, play and discover the world.
However, a simple and poetic story of my imagination has been added to the memories, in a result of this, Naseem has been born!

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