Raining Dogs – Un temps de chien

Raining dogs - Anthony Yazbeck


Protecting their only child, Marc, from a harsh reality takes a Lebanese couple to extreme measures. Marc starts to realize that his parents' behavior is becoming more and more bizarre so he is left to investigate for himself.


Anthony Yazbeck is a Lebanese writer and director. In parallel to getting his BA Degree in Audiovisual Studies at the University of Saint Joseph in Beirut, Anthony has built a well rounded portfolio and CV in the field of cinema. With his diploma in hands, Anthony strives to grow his passion for cinema by continuing to pursue his professional career to develop his own unique cinematic language as a screenwriter as well as a director.

Director Statement:

A child grows up with the idea that his parents have the answers to everything. It is the small moments in our childhood that define us as adults. It is that protective nature that our parents raise us with, that makes us feel safe and allows us to live our childhood.
In my movie, I wanted to picture the roles reversed. I wanted to imagine that safety bubble bursting, and the child seeing the only reassurance in his life, turn to troubled waters. The parents, in a moment of doubt and confusion, allow their child to see their weakness; which prompts him to question all he knows, and become the face of security in a pool of chaos.
What I wish to evoke in the narrative structure of the story is the element of doubt and suspense while the child is being exposed to the problems. The choice of certain elements delicately placed in a chronological axis at the right time is, in my opinion, a process of extreme importance. This is why both the viewer and the characters will experience this terrible trauma together, giving place for self-identification.

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