Ruya - Carlos Haidamous


Desperate to see her parent’s face, a young girl learns dream control in an attempt to meet them for the first time.


Carlos Mounir Haidamous, a rising Lebanese director, was born in the village of Aabadiyeh in 1995. Haidamous has a degree in audiovisual studies from Al Kafa'at University. His love for cameras, pictures, and directing motivated him to excel in Drone Cinematography which he filmed various programs and short documentaries that won several awards specially in France, Germany, Britain, Spain, Amsterdam, Poland, and the US. Haidamous's goal is to show the true essence and beauty behind Lebanon through his lense.
Ruya, vision in Arabic, is Haidamous's first film which he wrote and directed. Through Ruya, he personified a true scene from daily life mixed with vision, dreams, and reality.

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