sandcastle by Sabine Abou-jaoudé


Sandcastles is a short narrative drama set in a small town neighbouring Beirut, Lebanon. A young woman from a modest family, Samar, navigates her daily life through a patriarchal society whilst trying to find a better future for herself. One fateful night after trying to get back home from work, she takes a public cab home. The disturbing events of that night push her to take the decision to want to leave. But will she get to, amidst a heightened sensitive political climate?


Sabine is an artist and filmmaker from Lebanon. Her passion for the arts came early. Her parents enrolled her in two different art studios starting at the age of 12. There, she learned the classic Italian oil painting technique as well as other painting and sketching techniques. She later expanded to other forms of art like mosaic, photography and dance.
She received her B.A. in Radio, TV and film in 2011 from the Lebanese American University, Beirut. After graduation, she worked as a freelancer in Television, features and music videos. She took on many roles including production coordinator, segment director, assistant art director and wardrobe stylist; all the while working on her own short projects.
In 2015, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts and obtained her MFA in Media Arts from Emerson College, where she is currently teaching Basic Cinematography. Her focus is narrative directing and cinematography.

Director Statement:

I was born blue.
At a time when the Lebanese civil war was just ending, my mother gave birth to a breathless baby. I was given another chance at life; and so, at a young age, I learned to be a fighter.
Growing up in an unstable country built on corruption and discrimination has its influence on one’s life. My love affair with the movies started ever since my mother used to take my brother and me almost daily to the local movie theatre. I found refuge. I had discovered a way to escape the reality and sail to another beautiful world; another dimension where my mind had no limits and my thoughts had no restrictions. A world where everything was possible.
Going back to being breathless... It has taught me to give things a second chance. From thereon after, I try to look beyond the surface and examine things in depth. I often find myself observing small details, even little situations people tend to ignore. These are what intrigue my interest. I try to capture the essence of beauty in the world whenever I can and whenever I see it.
My work usually revolves around human psychology and relations, as well as social issues. I’ve always had a passion for things that go wrong. Hence, the tales I tell are those of survivors; real people with real problems, feelings and dimensions.

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