Take my hand

Take my hand by Serge Majdalany


As the shelling intensifies, Nadim (an aspiring actor) is among the neighbors that rush down to the shelter room. Leyla, a young Syrian girl, softly weeps over her torn teddy bear. Moved by the scenery, Nadim decides to put his passion into practice and take matters into his own hands... literally! He places the upper part of the teddy bear into his hand and assumes the role of a puppeteer. In the midst of despair and chaos, Leyla and the occupants are met with magic... the teddy bear comes to life.


Serge has directed a music video for Xriss Jor, was executive director on an independent short film for Zeina Makki, and Directed Take My Hand.
He also worked in over than 40 films as assistant director.
He's also known as actor. He has acted over 8 short films as main role, and starred in many feature films.

Director Statement:

Films, Cinema and Acting will always be my adrenaline rush.

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