What’s your name

What's your name Nour Al Moujabber


"I want to record everything to it slow down because I can't stop it, it's out of my hand. I want her to remember her name."


Nour Al-Moujabber, born on 18 December 1994 in Lebanon, director of award winning "The Stream" in 2015. He held his masters degree in filmmaking at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture at the Lebanese University. "What's your name" - 2019 is his second short film. His work in his hometown examines writing and rewriting for TV series. He is currently working on his first novel. In parallel, he established "Firefly Entertainment", a psychology-based family entertainment company.

Director Statement:

"What's your name" tells the story of a young filmmaker living with his mother who's suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
This is the matter we all fear and wish never encountered. It's harder to be living with someone who's almost dead, who doesn't recognize you.
I've traveled alongside my film and noticed how much people relate to it, to being vulnerable about forgetting and being forgotten.
If you're watching the film, know that you are always remembered by the people who love you.

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