Ziad The Second

Ziad the second by sacha mourad


The documentary is about a Lebanese man that learned that his time on earth isn’t to be taken for granted, after falling out of a balcony and being paralyzed for a year. While he was paralyzed, Ziad promised himself that the day he got back on his feet he would never take his time here for granted. That day eventually came, he got up and left everything behind him and started a new life in a forest where he became more connected to himself, others around him and nature.


Sacha Mourad is a Lebanese filmmaking student, born in Lebanon and raised in The United Arab Emirates. Sacha grew up around a family of artist with her mother being a fashion designer, her aunts and uncles interior designers, and her cousins a producer and an animator. At 10 years old, Sacha received a camcorder as a present and it was then that her curiosity was piqued. Sacha would run around filming everything, occasional family gatherings, her brother’s first drinking experience and mostly following him around the house, documenting everything he did. As Sacha grew older, she began to realize that she wanted to make a life out of filmmaking. Sacha enrolled in The Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication in The American University in Dubai, to be able to pursue her journey as a professional filmmaker. After studying and exploring all fields in filmmaking, Sacha found her passion in Cinematography and Directing.

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