Local Short Fiction

Selected movies for Best Local Short Fiction :

Rahil by Rita Saade
The Fault by Georges Abou Ghazale
Caim by Joy Tanjar
Crystal by Camilio Azoury
Noisy Caterwaul by Cynthia Abou Jaoude
The Donkey by Tariq Keblaoui
Night Shift by Marc Salameh
Staroye Delo by Alexandra Karam
What’s left of home by Tony Maksoudian
Moo by Andy Khaouli
Athyo by Jean-pierre Abdayem
Ramona by Joseph Rouhana
Voeu by Dayanne Zmyter
A photo, a hotel and her by Estephan Khattar
I want to be understood and ignored by Shadi Rabahi
Rüya by Carlos Haidamous
The Boy Who Wore the Sun by Eli Salameh
What’s your name by Nour Al-Moujabber
DV Cam by Mohammad Dayekh
OuterEye by Hanaa Ojeil
Chmout by Rami Aidamouni
Sandcastles by Sabine Bou-Jaoudé
Raining Dogs by Anthony Yazbeck
Wa Nueid by Ghady Abou Haydar
Happy ending by Ramzi Khoury
Wahl by Emile Bou Diwan
Kingdom of I by Maya Zaleoum
Ruins by Valentina Khawand
The Trophy by Luana chaptini
Here, somewhere by Charbel Chouchani
Cinéma à papa by Sara Jamal
La Folie à deux by Charelle Abdallah
The Purple Tree by Roy bou chaaya
3ala Kollen by Marc Rahy
1982 by Maria Khayssi
Fana’a by Lara Ghanimeh
Pick me up by Layal Akiki
Elpide by Gaelle Azzam

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