Proudly, One of the biggest film festival in the region!
The Lebanese Independent Film Festival (LIFF) is an independent festival born in Lebanon, the land of diversity. It emerges from the Mediterranean region and aims to reach a global audience.


Diretor of LIFF : Gauthier-Charbel RAAD
Co-Director Of LIFF : Dineta Williams-Triggs
Festival Programmer: Charelle Abdallah
Assistant Producer: Léa Akiki
Editor: Halim Kassouf

LIFF would like to thank all the Jury members and screeners helping and making this event the biggest in the region!

The vision of the LIFF is to establish Lebanon as a center for local and international filmmakers to share global perspectives as well as independent thoughts to a large audience through film.
The mission of the LIFF is to promote independent film culture and encourage its development. 

It is a platform to support and display the work of artists and filmmakers; a networking event that will bring together international and local professionals along with festivalgoers in a beautiful setting. 

Its goal is to enhance cultural growth. With independent films and panels on various topics addressed to a diverse audience, the festival will ensure the promotion of diversity and present an alternative healing tool for the Lebanese society. 

It also aims to attract a broader audience and make the festival accessible to those interested in movies but that may live in farther regions.

LIFF will be the first to plan the screening of the same movie in three different regions simultaneously.

The LIFF Lebanese Independent Film Festival is in partnership with A Night Of Misfit Films Film Festival Arizona-USA, CIFF The Canadian Independent Film Festival and the Fantasy Film Festival Paris-France.Awards & Prizes

Best Feature Films:

-Fiction Local
-Fiction Foreign
-Documentary Local
-Documentary Foreign

Best Medium Length Films:

-Fiction Foreign
-Documentary Foreign

Best Short Films:

-Fiction Local
-Fiction Foreign
-Documentary Local
-Documentary Foreign

Best Arab Film:
-Best Arab Short Fiction
-Best Arab Feature Fiction

-Mediterranean Special Award
-Diversity Special Award
-Best Web-Doc
-Best Web-Fiction
-Audience Award

– Photography Contest

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