Official Selection 2022

Best Local Short Fiction

A Piece of Home by Dana T. Rajeh
Latched by Emilio Mounsef
For you, in Silence by Afaf Stieteh 
Joy by Salim Laham
The Pit by Ali Bazzi
Al Na’awa by Ranim Abdel Khalek
لا شرف  by Mohammad Mahdi Arbeed
Stairs to The Sky by Abbas Abbas
Then Came Dark by Marie-Rose Osta
Hera by Alaa Fleifel
The Last Dance by Dana Bizri
I Have Dreamed Carthage by Cyril Nehme
by Farah Sawli Sawli, Joanne Sami Haddad, Zeinab Hassan Nasser
Buried Bullet by Ali Al Hadi Mahmoud Nazha
Lady of a Portrait by Yara Gaby Lahoud
Souls by Joseph Assaf
Ill by Reem Abdallah
Carefully Crafted by Mouris El Zoghbi
UnderWater by Robert Minassian
Bayt El Omor by Tony El Ghazal
Coalescent by Ryan Kay
The Migratory Bird by Mourane Elie Matar
Son of A Dancer by Georges Hazim
Leila by Pamela Saade
Clotheslined by Patrick Chemali
Over 18 by Anwar Jalal Nadreen
Ya Mejana by Mahdi Moussawi
Behind The Oak Tree by Emilio Mounsef
Elsewhere Hotel by Charbel Chouchany.
Paradis by Chris Akoury
Elle s’appelle Beyrouth by Richard Sammour
Blinded by Desire by Guibret Najarian
Impasse by Lynn Sfeir
Will You Bury Me by Noor Eldine Aboud
Zaroube by Mohammad Al Khatib
Stuck in The Sound by Alex Meouchy
The Giant Taro Root by Samir El Kawas
Type Two by Celina Arzoumanian
Dream by Nour Sleem
Amorette by Nathalie Chehade 

Best Local Short Documentary

A Letter by Farah El Bitar
Thawra Soul by Philippe Aractanji
Between Red and Purple by Hala jo Aoun
What Remains by Christian Harb
Passage by Georges el Ayek
Hell by Sandra Tabet
I Left Home by Julie Chalhoub
MIMO by Anthony Bassil
Voices of the Voiceless by Sandy Rakka
Attachment by  Rita-Maria none Boustany
It’s Just Another Dragon byTaymour Boulos
Conversations with an Actress by Estephan Khattar
The Stranger Within Me by Gérard El Bitar
Beirut After 40 by Anthony Merchak
A Strange Structure by Ranim Abdel Khalek

Best Local Short Documentary

Beirut The Aftermath by Fadia Ahmad
A Moment of Bliss by Bachar Khattar
El Arena by Jay Jammal

Lebanese Expat Award

X Pat Bond by Leandro Glory Damasco
Lost Arab by Carine Koleilat
Bayt El Omor by Tony El Ghazal

Best International Short Fiction

The Sea Calls for me by Tumpal Tampubolon
Anemonia by Zachary Karem
Day Watcher(s) by Sejiane Belmont
Perfect Storm by Morag Brownlie
Taking The Desert by Noémie Guibal
Return by Ghiath Al Mhitawi
Charter by EL Houssine Hnine
The Sun Sets On Beirut by Daniela Stephan
Ancestral Land by Gabriel Bissonnette
Suspension of Beliefs by Majd Safia
Grydscaen: scout eve – “Fatal Error” by Natsuya Uesugi DuBois
Diyar Hisma by Fahd Fayz
Harry The Hamster by Lewis Reeves
Eli Nazik by  Mehmet Tığlı
Inheritance by Matthieu Haag
LYNX by Julien Henry
Dublined by Isham Aboulkacim
A Cry for Help by Steven Esteb
Seaside Azan by Andrew Kamel
The Sylph by James Alire, Joy Ludwig
Blue Moon by Emily Ruhl
Dollar Generals by Claire Downs, Brenden Gallagher
Wolf+Lamb by Giuseppe Schettino
Free Flow by Sam Mirhosseini
Markus Knight by Matty Steinkamp
The Dreams of Lonely People by Marek Leszczewski
#Lolasjourney by Ana Lydia Monaco

Best International Feature Fiction

Inventory by Darko Sinko
Life of consequences by Eva Louis
Akh by Hatem Hussam Aldeen
Endless Passions by Ana Carolina Teixeira Soares
Atlas by Niccolò Castelli
On Sacred Ground by Rebbecca Tickell, Josh Tickell
The Anger by Marie Surae
The Mother, the Son, the Rat, and the Gun by Philip Larsen
It’s a Wonderful Day by Neveen Shalaby
For the Good of the People by Chris K. Daniels

Best International Short Documentary

Scenes from Home by Cynthia Sawma
Digging for Life by Joao Queiroga
X Pat Bond by Leandro Glory Damasco
Identity The Andrew Nemr Story by Jonathan Cipiti
Celebrating a Century by Gabrielle Lila Johnson
In Dreams by Nick Mery
Baba by Firass Dirani
Spatiohumanism by Moses Parlindungan Ompusunggu
The Shadow Pandemic by Lara Harb

Best International Feature Documentary

life in seclusion by Sylvain Girard
Roger Corman, the pope of pop cinema by Bertrand Tessier
CountDown to Year Zero by Jane Felez Mitchel
Love Will Come Later by Julia Furer
Twilight Zones by Thomas Karrer
I Am Not Lakit by Marie Surae
The Fifth Story by Ahmed Abd
Zip It by Anicee Gohar
GreyLand by Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque
Ophir by Alexandre Berman, Olivier Pollet
Our Back Lane by Marc Tawil
Wadi Jahanam by Zoé Filloux

Best Short Animation

Naked by Lanxin Du
Nursery Crimes Part One the Ominous Overture by Charles Kline
Roses in The Night by Pencho Kunchev
The First Breath by Yueling Zhou
Hera by Alaa Fliefel
The Red Bond by Imad Jack Karam
Echo by Félix Baudouin
Spoon by Arthur Chays
Close Call by Amr El-Bayoumi, Matt Tsymbal
Grydscaen: scout eve – “Fatal Error” by Natsuya Useugi DuBois

Best Web-Doc/ Best Web Fiction

In Dreams by Nick Mery
Grydscaen: scout eve by Natsuya Useugi DuBois

Mediterranean Special Award

Bayt El Omor by Tony El Ghazal

Diversity Special Award

Rocker from Heaven by Ruth Finnegan

Photography contest

The Destruction Project-Photos by jojin Van Winkle

Best feature Script

Zenny’s Picasso by Kenneth D Kozlowski
Lucid Dream by  Lydia Reim
The Olive Branch by Danny Boushebel
The Christians – Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile by tony Gioutsos
The Persistence of Amazing Grace by Joseph Polito
Bad Love Tigers by Kevin L. Schewe
Rocker from heaven by Ruth Finnegan
Box of Glass by Kevin J. Howard

Best Short Script

The Abscess by Gianis Athanasiou Totoni
Ghost by Sevra Baklaci
The Honest Judge by Jaclyn Whitt, Mina Kirolos
Purgatorio by Hakan Ünal
Witness by Lorenzo Trane

TV Scripts / Tv Series

I.R.L (In Real Life) by Danny Boushebel
Kat Killed My Cat by Javier Navarrete

Best Director

It’s a Wonderful Day by Neveen Shalaby
Ya Mejana by Mahdi Mousawi
Anemonia by Zachary Kareem
The Sun sets On Beirut by Daniela Stephan

Lebanese Feature Fiction

The Adventure of a Mother and Her Daughters by James Chehab

Lebanese Feature Documentary

Fiasco by Nicolas Khoury

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