LIFF - Netflix The House of Flowers - La casa de las Flores series review

Flawlessly labeled as a millennial telenovela, La casa de Las Flores is an over-the-top and an equally humorous Netflix creation with an incomparable cinematography and a conceptual aesthetic.

Pushing the limits of obsolete telenovelas constructs, The House of Flowers’ radical narrative and profoundly complex storylines, unquestionably mirrors the show’s diverse and authentic essence when it comes to some of the world’s most persistent and talked about topics such as gender, class, and sexuality.

It is a modernized dramedy, with its heart always in the right place and with a seamless balance between the serious and the absurd, that seized classic social issues and presented them in a new and an engaging manner that speaks to multiple generations at once.

In face of its many-sided narrative, La Casa de Las Flores also presented, across 3 seasons, several diverse characters, each with its individual complex reality and storyline. While some of these characters were forgotten and left with minimal character development, others specifically the main cast was treated with complete attentiveness and validity.

These pragmatic and sometimes challenging personas were resourcefully portrayed by some of Mexico’s best. Veronica Castro, Cecilia Suarez, Dario Yazbek Bernal, and Aislinn Derbez, amongst many more, delivered unconditionally heartening and epically conclusive performances. All notably award-worthy!!

Not to forget, this show, with its accurately custom-made costumes and set designs when combined with its ear-gasmic soundtrack and thorough camera techniques, shaped an inimitable and unusual aesthetic that has the ability to consume each spectator!!

La Casa de Las Flores is a spectacularly designed escapade that one should experience in its all full magnificence and grandeur.

Climax Film review

Climax Film Review

An exposé of Sex, violence and mass dread, Noé’s “Climax” is a 96-minute hallucinatory odyssey that shamelessly illustrates the precise sensation of descend into delirium and paranoia.

Climax is everything that you would want in a Gaspar Noé’s production. Its one-of-a-kind and practically nonexistent signature narrative, all impulsive and unrestricted, was masterfully synchronized with memorable and impromptu choreography and a bold and ambitious cinematography. This harmonious mixture created a compelling and a hallucinatory ambiance bursting with penetrating and artistically violent nuances.

In other words, Climax, with its hypnotic beats and psychedelic camera arrangements, is a madness-inducing creation, dangerously overcome with terror, suspicion and controversy that will test your man-made boundaries of endurance and then take you to new uncharted extremes. 

One of this film’s most prominent elements is indisputably its deranged and multifaceted characters whom each was marching to the beat of its own drum. They were gradually being encapsulated in a disorienting haze of collective delirium and drug-induced frenzy. Each restless persona was disturbingly embodied by a cast of total newcomers whom bared it all and delivered, otherworldly, controversial manifestations.

Climax, with its chaotic and open for interpretations narrative, its magnificently choreographed and amazingly well-shot dance routines and underlying rhythmic uncertainty is a shared mind-altering ordeal worthy of your attention.

Bridgerton Netflix series Review

Bridgerton Netflix series by Chris Van Dusen Review

An early-19th-century Gossip Girl wannabe, Bridgerton Is an Intoxicatingly pleasing period piece of Desire and True Love.

This eight-episode escapist drama, each with its own rhythm, shape and glistening momentum, unknowingly emerged from the monotonous depths of the regency-era soap operas and naturally juggled varied plot thread simultaneously.

With an enchanting plot, magnetic and easy to root for romances and vastly intimate sex scenes, Bridgerton’s not-so-secret three-layered weapon shaped an unrestricted realm of delicate sensibilities and compelling feelings.

Bridgerton was dazzlingly brought to life by an outstanding cast of actors. Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page, Bridgerton’s stellar leads, excellently bared it all in their effort to faultlessly personify both of their tremendously complex characters. The entire ensemble wrestled to deliver unsolicited vulnerability and dare I say craziness to each of their roles and the end result was nothing short of genius and fascinating.

Since the Netflix hit has a diverting essence, it spectacularly departed from the standardized casting of most period dramas. In fact, It’s diverse casting, one of its most prominent assets, offered an escape from old-fashioned ethnic perceptions. In other words, Bridgerton is a modern reimagining of 19th century stereotypes but with a modern twist with ‘black’ royalty and aristocrats.

The show’s brilliant classical arrangements of pop songs, colorful set of costumes and sceneries, and audacious camera techniques and procedures assisted in fashioning a cerebral and heart pounding experience that can only be labeled as stimulating and simply glowing.

Bridgerton, Shonda Rhimes’ latest epic creation, is a joyous and a frivolous present that each spectator will most certainly devour with absolute excitement and eagerness.


With a rather unsatisfactory conclusion, the final installment of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina turned out to be a wildly disappointing one and, in many cases, deeply frustrating.

In a series full of enchantment that made occasionally logic-defying decisions, CAOS’ final season surrenders into a poorly-paced knot of events that leaves too many plot threads dangling. The show’s ‘epic’ conclusion struggled to settle every story cohesively leaving behind plenty of unexploited openings that could have eventually made for an improved and a more substantial ending.

There’s plenty to love about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s final season, specifically for the devotees who have been invested from the beginning. Regrettably, these positives get scrambled by the season’s poor pacing and inexplicable tonal alterations.

Ensuring that we get a shocking conclusion, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s one hell of a last hoorah laced with magic-fueled subplots and momentous character growth aided in generating a dominantly dark and gripping atmosphere that fits naturally with COAS signature ambiance.

Netflix’ state of the art cinematography and graphics when unified with the ensemble’s captivating routines excessively raised the show’s generally unsatisfying intensity and unwavering magnitude. Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto and Michelle Gomez were spellbindingly enchanting and delightful. Some might even say they were, once and for all, the unabashed embodiment of the show’s unholy trinity.

After several seasons of excelling at setting up stories early on that lead to major revelations filled with magic and mayhem, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s last season ended its streak of inexplicable madness on a cheap and hollowed note, leaving its viewers desperate for a  more satisfying ending.

Nymphomaniac Film Review

Nymphomaniac: Volume I, Reviews

With a tantalizing mixture of sexual obsession and naughty humor, Nymphomaniac is an unabashed sexual odyssey overflowing with captivating and cryptic references to art, history, religion, music, and literature.

Nymphomaniac’s intellectual narrative and its passionately stimulating examination on love and addiction, serves as an in-depth view on the concept of sex outside of the realms of love. It is a primal and an intuitive exploration of human intimacy and sexual pleasure.

Nymphomaniac is, at its deepest core, a political and a revolutionary erotic dreamscape that makes you want to look at the world in a different way, experience more, and listen more even. The film is broken up into several units, each with their own narrative and tone. It is a polyphonic piece of explicit sex and penetrating, and dare I even say, thought-provoking philosophy.

Scarred for life? Explicit Nymphomaniac trailer accidently shown to kids.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Shia LaBeouf and Stellan Skarsgård are just a small sample of the exhibitionistic cast who delivered undeniably challenging yet exemplar routines. Each one of this vastly accomplished ensemble embarked on a sexually driven endeavor that can only be defined as radical and artistic.

Von Trier’s unreformed cinematographic methods, when combined with Nymphomaniac’s titillating score and arousing pleasurable camera arrangements, shaped a sexually charged atmosphere that effortlessly translated the inclusive theme and attitude of this gratifying cinematic examination.

Nymphomaniac is a systematic and a tremendously comprehensive investigation of the force of sex and human connection. It’s a well-written, academic examination of erotic pleasure and human intimacy.

Prom Film Review

prom netflix

Ryan Murphy’s latest musical conception is a ground-breaking, earth-shaking, life-affirming, breathtaking, gut-wrenching, and a heart-aching experience. In two words, it’s history-making.

It’s an out-of-this-world, positively exaggerated out-of-theater interpretation that is, and forever will be, pulsating with larger-than-life spontaneity and restructured liberating allegories.

There’s no denying that “The Prom”, as a whole, is an accumulated bundle of sparkly and well-polished joyful film-musical clichés. But given its intoxicatingly universalistic spirit and its exhilarating and madly infectious musical numbers, this film serves as a three-dimensional analysis on tolerance, acceptance, and new-age liberalism.

Murphy’s singular combination of wistfulness and idealism birthed a paradoxically political narrative that’s slightly imbued with a beguiling and a mesmeric dialogue, which was so unaffectedly accomplished and delivered.

This high-energy and vibrant Showbiz delight’s strength lies in its star-studded ensemble cast featuring the iconic Meryl Streep, the diva Nicole Kidman and newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman. Each one of them, and the rest, delivered unequivocally and drastically convincing performances and embodied their personas to new uncharted extremes.

The Prom’s uncanny mix of idealistic aesthetic and theatrical expressionism has transformed this interpretation into one vastly entertaining experience bursting with mood-lifting visuals and catchy dancing/singing sequences. 

Ammonite Film Review

ammonite film

A self-aware and a passionate new drama from the expressive mind of Francis Lee, Ammonite is a prohibited seaside romance bursting with tender glances and tiny gestures.

Having clear parallels with “God’s Own Country”, Ammonite doesn’t shy away from using a symbolic narrative to convey a certain kind of an impending inner revolution. It is an exquisite triumph that displayed fragile character evolution and profoundly nuanced eroticism.

From the beginning, Ammonite relied heavily on long stretches of silence, ones that are meant to be troubled and anxious. Ones which naturally exposed the beautiful relics within each one of its vastly intricate and disturbed characters. Ammonite practices an inimitable method of emotional excavation, slowly revealing long-buried enigmas and exposing them layer by fascinating layer.

Kate Winslet’s and Saoirse Ronan’s nonverbal communication and their stupendous devotion to give an authentic and a naturalistic flair to both of their complicated characters might just have created an unparalleled duo-performance set ablaze by unlikely passion that can only be defined as alluring and compelling.

Ammonite is a beautiful slow burn period drama with remarkable cinematography, mesmerizing sceneries and a melancholic yet captivating atmosphere that will most certainly charm you. It’s an ageless tale of forbidden love between two women who despite their conditions ventured into a passionate realm of lust, love and restraint.

Happiest Season Film Review

Happiest season netflix

There are certain expectations to be met and standard elements to take in consideration when it comes to create the perfect Holiday feature. Using a traditional “Christmassy” format, Happiest Season elevated the game by integrating a rather groundbreaking new addition to this slightly clichéd and looked upon cinematic category.

Happiest Season movie review & film summary (2020) | Roger Ebert

This LGBTQI+ romance tells a poignant coming out story. The narrative, with its skillful pacing and “anticipated” wonders, handled two distinct yet lookalike viewpoints with a well-adjusted and a nuanced touch. All of this masterfully formed a spellbinding and a charming atmosphere that just exudes untainted coziness and instantaneous pleasure.

Happiest Season’s unconventional and diverse ensemble culminated in its two lead protagonists. Both of these many-sided yet unpretentious queer characters were crafted with extreme delicacy and attention. Their stories inspired from real life events have the ability to resonate with each one of its selected audience.

Happiest Season' review: Star-studded cast comes 'out' for the holidays

Kristen Stewart’s authenticity and Mackenzie Davis’ vulnerability are a gift of Christmas cheer. They both delivered such tear-jerking and true acts that one can only label as genius and radical.

Happiest season, with its cheerful festivities and imaginative ornamentation, laid-back attitude and poignant point of view, is an instant Christmas classic that has brought so much legitimacy and warmth to an always beloved genre. 

A young woman with a plan to propose to her girlfriend while at her family’s annual holiday party discovers her partner hasn’t yet come out to her conservative parents.

Initial release: November 26, 2020
Director: Clea DuVall
Screenplay: Clea DuVall, Mary Holland
Production companies: Temple Hill Productions, TriStar Pictures
Producers: Marty Bowen, Isaac Klausner

Summer of 85 (Été 85) Film Review


“tu crois qu’on invente les gens qu’on aime?”

Ozon’s “Summer of 85” is a nostalgic tale of a doomed young romance that exudes pure sensual energy and a fervent captivation.

Constructing a multifaceted, evocative story about love, loss and growth is not of an easy chore, but Été 85’s profoundly touching and immersive storytelling and its acute consideration to detail shaped an unabashed French queer sensation that can be only be labeled as spellbinding and beguiling.

Both Felix Lefebvre and Benjamin Voisin, with an influential empathy and intense sexual tension defining their smooth yet poignant interactions, delivered an unquestionably heart wrenching and an entirely vulnerable and sensitive routine that can only be seen as grand acts of art.

From the film’s philosophical reflections on love and identity to a lyrical cinematography and poetic camera movements, Summer of 85 carefully balanced all the necessary elements of an impassioned portrayal of reciprocated and infatuated first love.

With an impressive set design, music choices and era-accurate clothing styles, this film captures the truest essence of the 1980s. A warmth of texture that fits in well with the nostalgic theme and Ozon’s unique touch.

Summer of 85 is an unanimously intoxicating queer coming of age romance that best serves as an ode to young love.

Synopsis: What do you dream of when you’re 16-years-old and in a seaside resort in Normandy in the 1980s? A best friend? A lifelong teen pact? Scooting off on adventures on a boat or a motorbike? Living life at breakneck speed? No. You dream of death. Because you can’t get a bigger kick than dying. And that’s why you save it till the very end. The summer holidays are just beginning, and this story recounts how Alexis grew into himself.

A moment in the reeds

A moment in the reeds

With an intensely personal and intimate perspective, Makela’s “A Moment in the Reeds” is a beautifully crafted piece of Queer Finnish Cinema that serves as, both, a social interaction and a profoundly sensual love story.

Superficially compared to “God’s Own Country”, A Moment in the Reeds is a much-needed societal analysis imbued with heartbreaking authenticity and seductive romance. The beauty of such a film lies in its grappling with the uglier and more discomforting side of the queer experience.

Director Makela uses blindingly intimate storytelling techniques to give an imperative and a significant voice to the struggles of sexual and ethnic minorities in a given society. The narrative was infused with an awkwardness that naturally evolves into an intimacy, giving the film a deeply rooted sense of authenticity and consideration.

Boodi Kabbani and Janne Puustinen’ seductive on screen chemistry beautifully articulated the kindness and understanding that each one of their extremely diverse characters held. The emotional rawness of their discussions, the mannered language, and their story is all more impactful because they both allowed to bring so much of themselves into their performances. 

All of these central elements, alongside the magnificent Finnish sceneries and the numerous honest camera techniques used, translated a queer love story that beats with so much heart and soul.

A Moment in the Reeds is far more than just a mere cinematic experience, it is a perspective-altering escapade that doesn’t shy away from showcasing the ups and downs of a short-destined yet fully passionate and erotic love experience.

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