Official Selection 2019

Selected movies for Best Local Short Fiction: 

Rahil by Rita Saade
The Fault by Georges Abou Ghazale
Caim by Joy Tanjar
Crystal by Camilio Azoury
Noisy Caterwaul by Cynthia Abou Jaoude
The Donkey by Tariq Keblaoui
Night Shift by Marc Salameh
Staroye Delo by Alexandra Karam
What’s left of home by Tony Maksoudian
Moo by Andy Khaouli
Athyo by Jean-pierre Abdayem
Ramona by Joseph Rouhana
Voeu by Dayanne Zmyter
A photo, a hotel and her by Estephan Khattar
I want to be understood and ignored by Shadi Rabahi
Rüya by Carlos Haidamous
The Boy Who Wore the Sun by Eli Salameh
What’s your name by Nour Al-Moujabber
DV Cam by Mohammad Dayekh
OuterEye by Hanaa Ojeil
Chmout by Rami Aidamouni
Sandcastles by Sabine Bou-Jaoudé
Raining Dogs by Anthony Yazbeck
Wa Nueid by Ghady Abou Haydar
Happy ending by Ramzi Khoury
Wahl by Emile Bou Diwan
Kingdom of I by Maya Zaleoum
Ruins by Valentina Khawand
The Trophy by Luana chaptini
Here, somewhere by Charbel Chouchani
Cinéma à papa by Sara Jamal
La Folie à deux by Charelle Abdallah
The Purple Tree by Roy bou chaaya
3ala Kollen by Marc Rahy
1982 by Maria Khayssi
Fana’a by Lara Ghanimeh
Pick me up by Layal Akiki
Elpide by Gaelle Azzam

Selected movies for Foreign Short Fiction LIFF 2019 :

An Old Friend : A Harry Potter Short Film  – Andre Yatsounski

Afaf – Layan Adham Ismail

The Tattooed Heart – Sheldon Wong Schwartz

Portrait of a Woman at Dawn – Cullen Douglas

EMMA – Sophie Gueydon

Under Mom’s Skirt – Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix

O.I. – N’cee van Heerden

PAPA – Christophe Switzer

Malammor’ – Michele Melchionda

Scenes From a Migranthood – Roozbeh Behtaji

Paris Pantin – Sylvie Audcoeur

Maryam – Mohammed Ahmed al Hammadi

Spizella – Mehmet Tigli

Kiko’s Saints – Manuel Marmier

Lost Thekra – Almuhannad Alkadam

The Sound of Unexpected Death – Alexander Sagmo

Tomorrow Island – Gwenn Joyaux

Faelder – Andreas Pfohl and Fariba Buchheim”

Floating Bodies – Rafael Farina Issas

Free Wheel – Sebastien Ventura

I am Sorry – Olejnik Kamil

The Back of The House – Stuart Douglas

Concern for Welfare – Fadia Abboud

Everything calms down – Virginia Scaro

Thursday – John Anthony Flavin

Take Care – Itamar Giladi

Salvation – Thora Hilmarsdottir

One Day at The Sea – Jonathan Borgel

Je n’ai pas tué Jesse James – Sophie Beaulieu

Routine – Osama Daood

Into Reverse – Noha Adel

Barzakh – Hessen Hossam

Wherever You Are – Oleg Trofim

New Woman – Benjamin Noah

Crossfire – Mert Berdilek

Motives – Joseph al Ahmad

Mimicry.7.III-IV  – Kun Xia

Orenda – Camila Saldarriaga

Selected movies for Best Feature Documentary LIFF 2019:

Life Without Basketball – Tim O’Donnel

Foxy – Trista Suke

Chasing the Jet Stream – Claudio von Planta

Soldiers without Guns – Will Watson

Juice: How Electricity explains the world – Tyson Culver

Day of the Western Sunrise – Keith Reimink

Cursed Days – Artem Iurchenko

The Ghost of Peter Sellers – Peter Medak

The Quiet Rebel – Carole Cassier

 Let us be Heroes – Rebecca Cappelli

Factory of Lies – Jakob Gottschau

Badiou – Rohan Kaylan

The Illegal Film – Martin  Baer

My Russian Spring – Xenia Sigalova

Selected movies for Foreign Feature Fiction LIFF 2019:

Drown Among the Dead – Ruben Gutierrez

Last Call – Gavin Michael Booth

Search Engines – Russel Brown

Tarab – Jennifer Hanley

The Letter Writer – Layla Kaylif

I love Everything I Hate about you – Nadine Keil

Falter – Harriet Maria Meining and Peter Meining

Lupe – Charles Vuolo and André Phillips

Rebento – Andreé Morais

The Rite of Summer – Briac Ragot

Strangers – Lorenz Suter

Luke & Jo – Joshua Overbay

Lost Transmissions – Katharine O’Brien

Scent of My Daughter – Olgun Özdemir

Foreign – Edson Lemos Akatoy

Selected movies for Best Local Feauture Documentary LIFF 2019:

Of San And Gold by Raghed Charabaty
About A War by Daniele Rugo
The Sacred Family by Charles Costantine

Selected movies for Best Local Short Documentary LIFF 2019:

Ziad The Second by Sacha Mourad
Victoria by Serge Alhelayel

Selected movies for Mediterranean Special Award LIFF 2019:

The People Behind the Scenes by Elsa Gomis
The Letter Writer by Layla Kaylif
NightShift طعمي السمكات by Marc Salameh
Paper Kite طيارة ورق by Sahar ElKabash

Selected movies for Diversity Special Award LIFF 2019:

The red moon by Azza Baaziz
My Name Was January by Alex Sangha
Josiane, the passion of the other by Anne Lakhdar
Tarab by Maria Michaels
Scenes From a Migranthood by Roozbeh Behtaji

Selected movies for Best Short Animation LIFF 2019:

Who Won – Aisha Selime

A Scribbled Memory – Bhulla Beghal

Temptation of Saint Fancis – Johnnie Semerad

Up and Down – the Wheel goes round – Christopher Aaron

Embraces & the touch of skin by Sara Koppel

A Bird’s Waltz – Mabelle Sawan

Mimicry.7.III-IV – Kun Xia

Synchronicity – Michelle Brand

Gelato – seven summers of ice cream love – Daniela Opp

After Silence – Henning Himmeleich

The Masque of Blackness – Epoh Beech

Etude – Sarah Amburgey

The Spirit Seam – Ashley Gerst

Tapping Tango – Nancy Snipper

The Day I Got Into My Head – Floriane Montcriol

The Market of Lost Things – Zaide Kutay

L’Homme et Le Poisson – Lewis Leon

Cats Days – Jon Frickey

All The World is A Stage – Hannes Rall

The Bear Hunter – Sayaka Hara

UkeLayla – UCF Film

Cuban Queens – Warren Bass

Selected movies for Best Short Foreign Documentary LIFF 2019 :

Shinrin – Yoku (forest bathing)  – Mark Knight

The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon  – Martijn Blekendaal

Revive the Lira’s Glory – Alessandra el Chanti

Saved, Escaped from Kim’s regime – Thea Elisabeth Haavet

Blue Butterfly – Okan Erunsal

Weltschmerz – Jesper Dalgaard

Portraits of my Mother – Tavo Ruiz

For a Smile – Pirmin Styrnol and  Till Mayer

Three Days in Berlin – Kamil Bembnista

A Song Can’t Burn – Roscoe Neil

Kani Spi (The White Spring) – Khesrew Heme Kerim

The Prophetess – Sylvie Weber

Coming out as a Queen  – Marisa Jo Zakes

Eli, A Portrait – Lumen Nguyen

Beyond Pain -Emanuele Lami Grifeo

Three Stolen Cameras – RåFILM

Vanilla – Mukarram Ramadan

Insecure – Yehia Sakr

Landminds – Dina Dada

My name was January – Elina Gress and Lenee Son

Kopacabana – Marcos Bonisson and Khalil Charif

In The Middle -Mariam Al Dhubhani

KYRA – Waleed M. Abuzaid

Selected movies for Best Short Script LIFF 2019:

Salamoon – Ashkan Chavoshi

Finding Shelter – Mehrtash Mohit

Cavendish, Pepys, and the Zombie Kiss of 1666 – James Fitzmaurice

Felfol – Georgio Nassif

Paris, Texas 1930 – Scott Simpson

Ajwa – Omair Nazir

Mother – Sevra Baklaci

The Resurrection – Iman Davari

Judas and the Dead Dog-Baltimore – David Thorndill

End of the Rope – Jake Teeny

Between Darkness and Light – Jake Teeny

Sunny and the Seal – Jake Teeny

Boundaries – Jake Teeny

Why? – Terrie Anderson

Egyptian Pound – Rami Mahdy

Job Life – Roberto I. Ercolado

The Master’s Son – Guy Quigley

The Donor – Wis Petter

Olere – Dania Torjemane

Selected for Best Web-Doc LIFF 2019:

Walls of disorder – Martin Bureau

Selected for Best Web-series LIFF 2019:

Fair Trade – Melody Ho

Homeroom – Neal Thibedeau

Selected Photography work LIFF 2019:

Robin Yong

Nicole Massaad

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