5 things to avoid in your first Short movie :

1- Avoid spending a lot of time and money on how I want my frame to look like. Instead, make sure to have a solid story, solid structure and logic characters.
2- Avoid writing movies with no dialogue at all. Dialogue could help the spectators understand a lot of things about your characters and about your story. You are not Albert Lamorisse yet!
3- Avoid Overdramatised situations. Drama needs a lot of solid ground and preparation… In a short movie of 10-15 minutes even Dome Karukoski wouldn’t have enough time to build a good, solid preparation scenes.
4- Avoid stories that go on for months or years… Just keep it subtle and short.
5- Stop avoiding your personal stories. Talk about things you know, things you live, you fear, you laugh at…

By Gauthier-Charbel RAAD

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