The Beach House بيت البحر Review

The beach house by Roy Dib

Rate 8.5/10

“No one chooses anything. We are all born slaves.” Now this is something to think about.

One of the best aspects about this film is that it can be interpreted in many ways. It is, for instance, an emotionally packed story hidden behind a sheer layer of metaphorical dialog and symbolic gestures.

“The Beach House” tackled numerous intense subjects and themes ranging from sexual exploration and freedom to the devastating void that fills one’s life, as well as many more such as mental health and the importance of Art and Music.

Moreover, alongside the profound story are some extremely complicated and twisted characters. Each character was created to leave a lasting impact on the spectator because despite the boldness of their actions, they are still relatable. They are just a reflection of real-life people with similar stories and hardship.

These intricate and fascinating characters were portrayed by a cast of extremely talented performers such as Rodrigue Sleiman, Julian Farhat, Sandy Chamoun and Nesrine Khoder. Each one managed to add his own personal touch to his character and the end result was nothing short of breathtaking!

In addition, there is something about “The Beach House” that just radiates hope despite the somewhat grim and uninviting vibe that dominated the entire story.

Needless to say, “The Beach House” is a revolutionary homage to the Arts and sexuality in an environment that deemed it to be provocative or immoral. This film should not and must not go by unnoticed!!!

Also, a huge nod of respect goes to Roy Dib, because he made sure that this film also showcased and highlighted the work of extremely talented modern Lebanese artist. While some consider these paintings or sculptures as only props to fill in some void, they actually translated an intertwined relationship between the The Beach House’ story and its deeply rooted connection to the arts.

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