Infamous Film Review

Infamous 7/10

This is it. This is the role that Bella Thorne had been waiting for pretty much her entire life. This is the movie that will, hopefully, define her acting career and give her the recognition she so desperately deserves.

Infamous is a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde kind of film with some deeply impactful social and psychological themes. As I just mentioned, this film tackles numerous interesting and provocative themes such as gun-violence, abuse, the deadly consequences of fame and most importantly Social Media.

The film follows the story of Arielle Summers and Dean Taylor, a criminal couple from a small Florida town, who after a series of armed robberies, become infamous social media stars. On the run from the authorities, they continue their notorious exploits across the Southland, increasing in both violence and disorder to pursue social media fame, no matter the cost.

I can’t really describe how amazing and convincing Bella Thorne’s performance was. It’s like she was born to portray this character!! She was literally perfect.

Moreover, Bella and Jake Manley’s on-screen charisma really helped in creating a hypnotic and an electrifying kind of vibes that really suited the overall storyline and its multidimensional themes.

Generally speaking, Infamous is not the best action Thriller out there but it is definitely one of my favorite 2020 films and I’m sure everyone will love it exactly as I did!!!

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