Netflix Elisa & Marcela film review

Elisa & Marcela 8/10

Elisa & Marcela is a cinematic gem that teaches us the true meaning of love and suffering and how they’re both infinitely intertwined and inseparable!

This movie follows the true story of Elisa and Marcela, who, in 1885, meet and form a great friendship, which grows into a forbidden love that they have to keep hidden. In 1901, Elisa adopts a male identity in order to marry the woman she loves.

I, personally, feel blessed to have had the opportunity to witness such a groundbreaking love story right from the comfort of my own home. You see, Elisa & Marcela’s story is not beautiful nor is it average. It is purely poetic and timeless. It has the power to teach its viewers the ultimate meaning of sacrifice and resilience. I believe that this story was made into a motion picture to show us that sometimes the greatest of love stories are stigmatized and frowned upon.

Elisa & Marcela’s narrative is simply effortless and compelling with deeply rooted life lessons. It is also a multi-dimensional story that treats its topic with the utmost delicacy and elegance!

Both protagonists were, to my knowledge, authentically portrayed and astonishingly represented. Natalia de Molina and Greta Fernandez were, without a doubt, breathtaking. I was personally mesmerized with their chemistry and connection.

Elisa & Marcela, a movie that no one should miss for it will leave you both breathless and in love!! I highly recommend it!

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