Netflix The Umbrella Academy 2 Series Review

The Umbrella Academy has returned once again for a new showdown of epic proportions jam-packed with mesmerizing visuals and extravagant yet deadly events!

This second season, which is composed of 10 addictive episodes, narrates a story that is divided into several sub-stories ever so smoothly while at the same time gravitating around one epic epicenter. This time, the show knew how to stay fixated on its core subject and lure the viewer into submission from the very first minutes of the first episode.

Netflix jumped right into action this time sparing nothing! Trust me when I say that every component that made the first season a success was amplified and taken to a whole new level of magnificence and wonder.

The story, for instance, took more of a political point of view, tackling various themes of empowerment, inequality and subjugation in a really cutthroat and straightforward manner! It was still embellished in a sheer layer of sarcasm and black humor, but it feels like this time the show’s creators were delivering an important message to the viewers and they made sure it was delivered, one way or the other!

Moreover, I am glad we got to witness a more evolved character development in this second installment regarding pretty much all of the key characters. Each one of them was reciting a story of its own and adding something genuine onto the storyline’s progression.

When you combine these diverse characters with the multiple themes of the show, it becomes hard to disregard the sentimental effect that this union produces. An effect that was both necessary and crucial for the sake of the story.

Ellen page was somehow the glue which held all the pieces together. Her performance as the deranged and lost Vanya was spellbindingly hypnotic! David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan and the rest of Hargreeves clan also managed to deliver terrific performances! And can someone please give Aidan Gallagher an acting award already?! This kid is literal perfection!!

But arguably, the best aspect about The Umbrella Academy S02 is definitely the eye-popping visuals which were clearly more advanced and detailed-oriented than they were back in S01. Some scenes were breathtakingly haunting and beautiful!!!

If you are still wondering whether you should watch this show or not, consider this as a hint that you absolutely should. I highly recommend it!

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