A moment in the reeds

With an intensely personal and intimate perspective, Makela’s “A Moment in the Reeds” is a beautifully crafted piece of Queer Finnish Cinema that serves as, both, a social interaction and a profoundly sensual love story.

Superficially compared to “God’s Own Country”, A Moment in the Reeds is a much-needed societal analysis imbued with heartbreaking authenticity and seductive romance. The beauty of such a film lies in its grappling with the uglier and more discomforting side of the queer experience.

Director Makela uses blindingly intimate storytelling techniques to give an imperative and a significant voice to the struggles of sexual and ethnic minorities in a given society. The narrative was infused with an awkwardness that naturally evolves into an intimacy, giving the film a deeply rooted sense of authenticity and consideration.

Boodi Kabbani and Janne Puustinen’ seductive on screen chemistry beautifully articulated the kindness and understanding that each one of their extremely diverse characters held. The emotional rawness of their discussions, the mannered language, and their story is all more impactful because they both allowed to bring so much of themselves into their performances. 

All of these central elements, alongside the magnificent Finnish sceneries and the numerous honest camera techniques used, translated a queer love story that beats with so much heart and soul.

A Moment in the Reeds is far more than just a mere cinematic experience, it is a perspective-altering escapade that doesn’t shy away from showcasing the ups and downs of a short-destined yet fully passionate and erotic love experience.

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