To Nowhere Film Review

To Nowhere directed by Pamela Nassour Film Review

Bringing into being another planet formed by astonishing landscapes, mysterious caves, and high mountains to get carried away to a world of the virgin territory of pure skin.
Ila Haythou, directed by Pamela Nassour, is a visually and sonically stimulating short film that perfectly describes its source material.
As Elias Khlat (Founder and Director of Tripoli Film Festival) once said: “Ila Haythou allows you to think with this open poetry and this abstract way of filming using micro and close-ups and interpret it in your own personal way.”
To Nowhere has the capability to transport its viewers into a purely satisfying universe occupied with delicate body movements and erotic intimations.
The way this film managed to convey certain categories of emotions is nothing short of inspirational and needless to say really it was well thought of!
Alongside these wonderful visuals, this short film was perfectly narrated by fawzi Yammine and Salma El Hage. Their expressive vocal abilities and their undeniably charismatic tones were nothing less than addictive and hypnotic!
But honestly speaking, the comforting atmosphere that simply radiates out of this film is largely due to the exquisitely sensual score. The original music used is, by itself, absolute perfection!
In a way, Ila Haythou transcended its genre’s own limitations and created an immersive and absolutely provocative experience that is bound to make you question a lot of things.
I highly recommend it!

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