Netflix The Queen’s Gambit series review

Netflix The Queen's Gambit by Scott Frank series review

An impeccably well-adjusted new miniseries, Netflix’ The Queen’s Gambit introduces an utmost perfect blend of addiction, fascination, trauma, and chess.

Affixed by a compelling lead performance and strengthened by world-class acting and a spectacular illustrative language, The Queen’s Gambit is a commendable seven-part drama bursting with intoxicating allure and tear-jerking vulnerability.

The Queen’s Gambit narrative was never less than enthralling and splendid. It is the type that can be only considered as one of the year’s best. Multifaceted, complex and intricate, this is a story that is fated to leave its mark upon each one of its stupefied and enthusiastic viewers.

The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix

One of this show’s many commendable foundations is the hypnotically captivating character evolution and progression. Each of The Queen’s Gambit’ exceptional personas were written with extreme delicacy and profound depth. A sheer layer of vagueness and contradiction covered each one of them, especially the protagonists.

Anya Taylor-Joy fully inhabited her persona’s inner vulnerability and narcissism and basically delivered the act of her entire career. She was otherworldly, enthralling and enchanting. Her facial expressions as well as her immaculate acting techniques were literally the highlight of this seven-special adventure.

The Queen's Gambit: A Netflix Series Where The Chess Is Done Right

Together with these effective elements comes the countless camera arrangements, the eye-gasmic visuals and the accurate costume designs and altogether created a vortex of an experience that anyone would be lucky to undergo.

The Queen’s Gambit is an exquisitely fabricated piece of tv cinema pouring with lavish costumes and captivating “true story” essence.

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