Mon Roi – My king Film Review

my king movie

A character-driven narrative with a destructive standpoint, Maiwenn’s Mon Roi is an affectionate explanation of interconnection demolition, and deep-rooted narcissism.

Mon Roi’s ability to express with extreme sincerity and truthfulness the insecurities of intimacy and the lusciousness of self-destruction and dysfunctionality can be only designated as one of its most prominent aspects.

It is an outstandingly vigorous and detail-driven experience through which we got to experience the pleasure and the sorrow, the sexual highs and the devastating emotional betrayals of its two leading characters.

Maiwenn’s unique style and cutting-edge techniques conveyed a sense of untamed realism to a rather overused and tamed genre. She was able to create an intimate outline for her Mon Roi’s characters where they were, even though intricately written, impulsive, careless and naked. 

Vincent Cassel and Emmanuelle Bercot immaculate performances were astoundingly substantial and fascinating. Bercot’s emotional range and elite acting skills shined like never before as she straightforwardly embodied her persona to extremes never known before. Their on-screen relationship was both magnetic and appealing.

Mon Roi is the kind of film that is bursting with majestic gestures and immense emotional moments but still feels so familiar and close to home!!

Directed by Maïwenn
Produced by Alain Attal
Written by Étienne Comar, Maïwenn
Starring Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Bercot, Louis Garrel, Isild Le Besco
Music by Stephen Warbeck
Cinematography Claire Mathon

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