Irreversible by Gaspar Noe Film Review

Irreversible Gaspar Noe

Stressful? certainly, but also unaffectedly thought provoking and deeply artistic.

With one of the most barbaric and distorted scenes ever witnessed in Cinema history, Noé’s Irréversible is a profoundly distressing and a heartachingly emotional escapade.

Using a bold narrative structure and an achronological storytelling scheme, Irréversible shamelessly explores the realest meaning of “irreversibility of fate”. At its core, this film is a profound social and artistic statement about evolution and human nature.

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The scattered narrative makes it a little bit difficult to grasp what’s actually going on. Then it clicks, you understand what’s happening and it’s absolutely shocking and profoundly tragic. The unwavering representation of rape and murder in Noé’s Irréversible are the precise characterization of meaningful and provocative art.

The unceasingly distorted camera techniques used aided in forming a nauseating and a perplexing atmosphere that blended effortlessly with the deeply anxiety-inducing and impactful score.

Simultaneously, this daringly expressive narrative is encountered with an even more emotive set of characters. In other words, Irréversible’s characters were created with a singular purpose of haunting and tormenting each viewer, individually and collectively.

Irreversible - movie: where to watch stream online

Monica Bellucci was a down-right captivating enchantress either with her soul-piercing acting skills or her emotional range of epic proportions. Her personification of the victimized Alex M will go down in history as one of the best, if not THE best. Vincent Cassel was also severely compelling and alluring.

Irréversible is an unparalleled power study of life, death and consequences.
A gut-wrenching exposé, Noé’s creation is dark, emotional and unconditionally imperative.

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