Ammonite Film Review

ammonite film

A self-aware and a passionate new drama from the expressive mind of Francis Lee, Ammonite is a prohibited seaside romance bursting with tender glances and tiny gestures.

Having clear parallels with “God’s Own Country”, Ammonite doesn’t shy away from using a symbolic narrative to convey a certain kind of an impending inner revolution. It is an exquisite triumph that displayed fragile character evolution and profoundly nuanced eroticism.

From the beginning, Ammonite relied heavily on long stretches of silence, ones that are meant to be troubled and anxious. Ones which naturally exposed the beautiful relics within each one of its vastly intricate and disturbed characters. Ammonite practices an inimitable method of emotional excavation, slowly revealing long-buried enigmas and exposing them layer by fascinating layer.

Kate Winslet’s and Saoirse Ronan’s nonverbal communication and their stupendous devotion to give an authentic and a naturalistic flair to both of their complicated characters might just have created an unparalleled duo-performance set ablaze by unlikely passion that can only be defined as alluring and compelling.

Ammonite is a beautiful slow burn period drama with remarkable cinematography, mesmerizing sceneries and a melancholic yet captivating atmosphere that will most certainly charm you. It’s an ageless tale of forbidden love between two women who despite their conditions ventured into a passionate realm of lust, love and restraint.

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