Prom Film Review

prom netflix

Ryan Murphy’s latest musical conception is a ground-breaking, earth-shaking, life-affirming, breathtaking, gut-wrenching, and a heart-aching experience. In two words, it’s history-making.

It’s an out-of-this-world, positively exaggerated out-of-theater interpretation that is, and forever will be, pulsating with larger-than-life spontaneity and restructured liberating allegories.

There’s no denying that “The Prom”, as a whole, is an accumulated bundle of sparkly and well-polished joyful film-musical clichés. But given its intoxicatingly universalistic spirit and its exhilarating and madly infectious musical numbers, this film serves as a three-dimensional analysis on tolerance, acceptance, and new-age liberalism.

Murphy’s singular combination of wistfulness and idealism birthed a paradoxically political narrative that’s slightly imbued with a beguiling and a mesmeric dialogue, which was so unaffectedly accomplished and delivered.

This high-energy and vibrant Showbiz delight’s strength lies in its star-studded ensemble cast featuring the iconic Meryl Streep, the diva Nicole Kidman and newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman. Each one of them, and the rest, delivered unequivocally and drastically convincing performances and embodied their personas to new uncharted extremes.

The Prom’s uncanny mix of idealistic aesthetic and theatrical expressionism has transformed this interpretation into one vastly entertaining experience bursting with mood-lifting visuals and catchy dancing/singing sequences. 

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