Climax Film review

Climax Film Review

An exposé of Sex, violence and mass dread, Noé’s “Climax” is a 96-minute hallucinatory odyssey that shamelessly illustrates the precise sensation of descend into delirium and paranoia.

Climax is everything that you would want in a Gaspar Noé’s production. Its one-of-a-kind and practically nonexistent signature narrative, all impulsive and unrestricted, was masterfully synchronized with memorable and impromptu choreography and a bold and ambitious cinematography. This harmonious mixture created a compelling and a hallucinatory ambiance bursting with penetrating and artistically violent nuances.

In other words, Climax, with its hypnotic beats and psychedelic camera arrangements, is a madness-inducing creation, dangerously overcome with terror, suspicion and controversy that will test your man-made boundaries of endurance and then take you to new uncharted extremes. 

One of this film’s most prominent elements is indisputably its deranged and multifaceted characters whom each was marching to the beat of its own drum. They were gradually being encapsulated in a disorienting haze of collective delirium and drug-induced frenzy. Each restless persona was disturbingly embodied by a cast of total newcomers whom bared it all and delivered, otherworldly, controversial manifestations.

Climax, with its chaotic and open for interpretations narrative, its magnificently choreographed and amazingly well-shot dance routines and underlying rhythmic uncertainty is a shared mind-altering ordeal worthy of your attention.

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