The House of Flowers – La casa de las Flores series review

LIFF - Netflix The House of Flowers - La casa de las Flores series review

Flawlessly labeled as a millennial telenovela, La casa de Las Flores is an over-the-top and an equally humorous Netflix creation with an incomparable cinematography and a conceptual aesthetic.

Pushing the limits of obsolete telenovelas constructs, The House of Flowers’ radical narrative and profoundly complex storylines, unquestionably mirrors the show’s diverse and authentic essence when it comes to some of the world’s most persistent and talked about topics such as gender, class, and sexuality.

It is a modernized dramedy, with its heart always in the right place and with a seamless balance between the serious and the absurd, that seized classic social issues and presented them in a new and an engaging manner that speaks to multiple generations at once.

In face of its many-sided narrative, La Casa de Las Flores also presented, across 3 seasons, several diverse characters, each with its individual complex reality and storyline. While some of these characters were forgotten and left with minimal character development, others specifically the main cast was treated with complete attentiveness and validity.

These pragmatic and sometimes challenging personas were resourcefully portrayed by some of Mexico’s best. Veronica Castro, Cecilia Suarez, Dario Yazbek Bernal, and Aislinn Derbez, amongst many more, delivered unconditionally heartening and epically conclusive performances. All notably award-worthy!!

Not to forget, this show, with its accurately custom-made costumes and set designs when combined with its ear-gasmic soundtrack and thorough camera techniques, shaped an inimitable and unusual aesthetic that has the ability to consume each spectator!!

La Casa de Las Flores is a spectacularly designed escapade that one should experience in its all full magnificence and grandeur.

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