The Human Voice by Pedro Almodóvar Film Review

The Human Voice, a liberal interpretation of Jean Cocteau’s play, is a 30-minute emotive excavation, constructed with a touch of excellence.

Its narrative, filled with theatrical and symbolic gestures, is a pure work of art. Everything was composed meticulously in order to effectively describe Almodóvar’s sensual and visually alluring perspective.

The film’s inimitable essence and quality are but labels referencing this short’s source material. It is a marvelous creation of poetry with a blend of photographic teases and auditory influences.

Pedro Almodovar's 'The Human Voice' Gets U.K. Release From Pathé - Variety

Tilda Swinton, the film’s lone character, was the perfect match. Her unnamed character was exuberant with complications and unease. Swinton’s facial manifestations and robotic movements were a mesmerizing component to an already captivating short film.

The Human Voice is a magnificent exhibition of an epic self-liberation and renaissance-like tale.

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