Lux Aterena by Gaspar Noe film review

Lux Aeterna is a chaotic sensory experience created by the brilliant Gaspar Noé.

Noé is a master provocateur, his personal brand of sexual artistry and nihilistic condensation, though controversial at times, is unapologetically truthful and unique and Lux Aeterna is all that!

This film is intense. Using a split screen approach with disorienting visuals, Lux Aeterna manifests itself as a trance-like, artistic torture experience with an absolutely chaotic and seizure-inducing style.

Noé attempts to instill an ‘epileptic’ bliss within us viewers is violent and questionable but works really well within the overall context of the film.

Lux Aeterna is a visual and sonic assault, the use of ear-shattering sirens and blinding strobes of lights is hypnotic and intentional and as viewers, we were able to experience this film in its full effect, and that was Noé’s intentions all along.

There is something about Gaspar Noé’s works that is surreal, and hallucinogenic and Lux Aeterna is the perfect representation of that! It’s controversial, mind-altering, and one heck of a cinematic experience.

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