Les Rendez-vous de Paris

Les Rendezvous de Paris (1995) by Éric Rohmer

I am lucky today as it happens that the first film I’m writing about is my new favourite film. I never had a favourite film before (there seems to be way too many good films out there!) but this one ticks all boxes: Neat cinematography, mind-provoking dialogue, decent performance and a heart-warming setting. What more can one ask for?


“I got off the metro, saw you and just had to talk to you. One has exceptional encounters, when they’re least expected. While traveling, at the end of the holidays, or when having an urgent appointment. That’s my bad luck, but also my good luck, because it gives me courage.”

Les Rendezvous de Paris (1995) by Eric Rohmer is a French romantic film that is based on “chance encounters” in Paris. It shows three different stories of young people in love. The stories feel very realistic, yet are magical in essence, as they rely heavily on fate. Isn’t fate the best ingredient for love after all?


“I don’t want to be surrounded by other lovers. I want us to be alone.”

The film shows a picturesque Paris, yet not a touristy one. In its river, alleys, artist studios, museums, parks, cafes and even student dormitories, you get the impression that you’re taking a sneak peek into stories of true Parisienne couples. You get to zoom in and out on different stories, yet you’re constantly reminded that there are more stories, way beyond the camera’s focus. 


“If I ignore women who aren’t interesting, then I have to approach those who totally fascinate me.”

How much of love is intentional and how much of it is up to fate? This is one of the several philosophical questions you’ll find yourself asking after the film is over. I suggest watching the film with company (a Zoom call can also work). 

So to sum up, if you have a heart for love and a mind for intriguing conversations, this film is the one for you. Personally, I think Richard Linklater’s Before Sunset (1995) has nothing on this one. Seriously, do I need to go on any further? 

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