Une Photo, Un Hotel et Elle Review

Une Photo, Un Hotel et Elle (8.5/10) “Every time you walk away, I pray twice you wouldn’t leave. But what’s the purpose of praying for a story with a heartbreaking fate? “
And just like that, these seemingly insignificant words when placed together, translated a 15 minutes love affair filled with passion, lust and heartache.
The beauty of “Une Photo, Un Hotel et Elle” is deeply rooted within the agonizing stares of the protagonists and the secrets they all share.
The vulnerability of Patricia Nammour’s performance was hypotonic to say the least. There’s something about her character that makes her feel so real. It’s impossible not to feel for her. Rodrigue Sleiman’s performance was honestly dripping with sex appeal and lust. The connection between these two actors was breathtakingly electrifying and sentimental.
Moreover, this film had a certain kind of atmosphere that just captivates one’s attention right from the very beginning. Perhaps, this theme of adultery and infidelity is just as interesting as the story it took part of!!
Needless to say, go and watch it immediately!

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