The Rite of Summer – le sacre de l’été Review

Le Sacre de l’Été (9/10)

LIFF’s best feature foreign fiction winner ‘The Rite of Summer’ ‘Le Sacre de l’Été’ is simply a genuine ode to self expression and freedom amidst a society filled with conformity and underground secrets.

Kostia, a young Parisian dancer, tries to put on a show that brings together his two passions: dance and French variety. The relationship created between him and his dance teacher will teach him to assume his homosexuality.

The thing about this highly recommended french feature is that it never, not for once, felt unoriginal. From start to finish, i was literally immersed in a universe of subtle yet intertwined sets of emotions, sheer authenticity and just a plain and totally realistic story.

The film tried to explore numerous themes at once such as homosexuality, individuality, self expression, freedom, love, loss, mental health… to name a few. This diversity, in my opinion, created a much needed emotional impact within ‘Le Sacre de l’Été’ already interesting and captivating storyline.

To continue, Adrien Stoclet (whom also co-wrote this film) and Jeff Decaux delivered such an authentic and vulnerable performances. In other words, it was totally obvious the amount of hard-work and dedication that they have put to portray their deeply complicated characters with such an ease and agility.

But what makes this film stands out is that, without even knowing, it took me on an adventure filled with beautiful French music, subtle life lessons and eye catching sceneries.

Which brings me to the cinematography, director Briac Ragot surely knew how to create a, both, visually and sonically impressive feature film. A film in which each scene and each capture recited a different story.

The Rite of Summer/Le Sacre de l’Été is an unapologetically honest cinematic movement that screams authenticity yet vulnerability!
I absolutely loved watching it.

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