Netflix 13 Reasons Why Review

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why 9/10

Netflix’ 13 Reasons Why is back, for one last time, with a new set of overwhelming emotions, dangerous secrets and heartbreaking revelations.

Season 4 of this highly controversial Netflix show revolves around Clay and his group friends, whom are preparing for graduation at Liberty High School, but before saying goodbye, they will have to keep a dangerous secret and face heartbreaking options that could affect their future forever.

For starts, the producers surely knew how to raise the bar with this final showdown. On top of the dark and twisted topics that the previous seasons’ explored, S04 also tackled some new and relevant themes such as PTSD, TBI, sexuality (this time in a more profound manner), racial inequality, aggression, death…. Trust me when I say that overwhelming doesn’t even start to cover this show!

The storyline was completely intertwined and emotional. With each episode, the intensity of each plot and sub-story grew stronger until it ended with a devastating yet a hopeful series finale that totally blew me away.

Just like in previous seasons, all of the characters had their own time to shine with their own stories to share and their own set of problems. I, personally, felt myself invested more in the sub-characters’ storylines as I found them more sincere and interesting. Alex and Charlie’s story was probably one of the very few pure and positive things that have come out of this disturbing show.

Of course, such a complicated show requires incredible actors to portray such difficult and multilayered characters. Dilan Minette, Christian Navaro, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn and Grace Saif are just few of the extraordinary cast that delivered amazing performances.

But let’s face it, this entire season was dominated by Miles Heizer and Tyler Barnhardt’s absolutely heartwarming performances. They both truly excelled!!!

My one and only criticism would be that I would have loved if we got to see like a some sort of a closure for Hannah, since she was the reason behind all of this mayhem. But nevertheless, I still loved this ending.

Generally speaking, 13 Reasons Why S04 is just as emotional, hectic and overwhelming as the previous three seasons and it is definitely one of a kind that managed to raise awareness on mental health issues with its provocative plot and outstanding storytelling techniques.

I highly recommend it.

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