Crystal Review

Crytsal 8.5/10

Camilio Azoury’s CRYSTAL is an artistically intricate short film filled with orgasmic sensuality and epic murder mysteries.
Despite its very short runtime, CRYSTAL still managed to explore heavy themes and break some cinematic boundaries when it comes to the Lebanese short films industry and cinema in general.
The cinematography and camera movements are visually appealing. When combined with the ever-so-suitable score, it created a deeply hypnotic ambiance that one cannot seem to overlook.
Noura Greige and Wissam Fares, despite the little “Drama” going on between their characters, still had an undeniable chemistry and gave us one stellar performance. Moreover, Charbel Ziade’s facial expressions alone are enough to make one fully invested!
Honestly speaking, I loved watching CRYSTAL and I highly recommend it.

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