Plaire, Aimer et Courir Vite Film Review

Plaire Aimer Courir Vite

Plaire, Aimer et Courir Vite 9/10

Set in 1993, 39-year-old gay author Jacques begins an intense romance with 22-year-old Arthur. Between looking after his son and coming to terms with his impending fate, Jacques struggles to keep things platonic with Arthur to prevent heartache.

Plaire, Aimer et Courir Vite (also known as Sorry Angel) is an unapologetically brutal love story that serves as an exposé to the infinitely intertwined relationship between passion and disease in 1990s Paris! Personally, I believe that director Christophe Honoré (also serving as this film’s writer) surely knew how to transcend the norms of the LGBTQI+ filmography in particular and the clichés that surrounds this specific genre in general and created something that I can honestly call haunting and ground-breaking!!

In other words, it’s an exploitation of a man’s weakness which was cleverly translated into a ruthless motion picture that highlights the agony and hardships of love when it’s combined with a killer disease.

Despite the overall sentimental vibe that accompanied the story, viewers can expect to embark on a fully emotional journey starting from a not so perfect beginning and end with, literally, a killer climax and final scene! Sorry Angel is in fact, a multi-layered and multi-dimensional movie, which means while the story mainly centred around the life events of the protagonists, it was at the same time also narrating multiple sub-plots and exploring numerous relevant themes such as mental health, Suicide, Love, Sexual exploration and identification!

Both protagonists, Arthur Prigent and Jacques Tondelli, beside having exceptional character development, held a lot of emotional meanings and touching characteristics. They’re a living embodiment combining all the best aspects of Plaire, Aimer et Courir Vite which ultimately made it a definite success.

Vincent Lacoste and Pierre Deladonchamps’s authentic and raw performances were just as captivating as the characters they embodied. Absolutely convincing and engaging!

Generally speaking, this film is an ode to a genre that keeps pushing the boundaries and changing the lives of millions across the world! Plaire, Aimer et Courir Vite is definitely a movie not to be missed. I highly recommend it!

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