Netflix The Boys in the Band Film Review

The Boys in the Band

The Boys in the Band symbolically captured the essence of a heart-rending narrative of self-loathing, rejection and oppression! The film flawlessly lectures on the psychological mutilation that these, previously cited, sentiments leave within one’s soul.

The Boys in the Band profoundly relies on its intense character-driven narrative and its highly persuasive story-telling techniques. The entire History of this new Netflix saga is nothing more than a purely sophisticated interpretation of various characters confined and imprisoned within the ramparts of their consciousness and the fabrics of a so-called society.

The Boys is the Band serves as a general metaphorical expose on love, religion and ageing. But in depths, it’s a rhetorical representation on the gay Liberation movement of the late 1960s. This only obliges spectators to ask, how far have we really come in terms of human rights?

The Claustrophobic and suffocating set was an exterior to the film character’s interior mental and psychological state. The Boys in the Band, since its narrative focuses mainly and essentially on its characters, presented multiple highly complicated and diverse set of characters, each with a back-story and a set of troubles and worries of its own.

These charming and “intellect” personas were fabulously portrayed by an ensemble which was, to say the least, superb. Each member had several standout moments. Jim Parsons with his unpredictable wit managed to dominate all of his scenes exquisitely. Matt Bomer and Zachary Quinto perfectly embodied their characters, just like Charlie Carver, Tuc Watkins, Andrew Rannells and the rest of the cast did as well!!

But indisputably, the greatest characteristic of The Boys in the Band is the fluid camera swoops and swerves that masterfully captured the flowy and wounding essence of the conversation taking place between the numerous characters.

With jaw-dropping fashion, handsome cinematography, a political point of view and a tendency towards sentimentality, The Boys in the Band is guaranteed to become a classical addition to the world of targeted cinema.

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