Martyrs Film Review

LIFF - Martyrs by Pascal Laugier Film Review

Categorized as one of the utmost alarming and upsetting horror films ever created, Martyrs is an unnerving low-budget masterpiece submerged in a terrifyingly nihilistic and existential tone.

The most astonishing yet inimitable component that made Martyrs a horrifying cinematic achievement is feasibly its validly realistic narrative and themes. The deeply layered narrative is a genre-defying ordeal which transcends the human’s cerebral capacity of endurance and tolerance.

Throughout its entire runtime you have to keep reminding yourself that it was an illusory movie. But in essence, it’s the complete opposite. You see, Martyrs is in fact an inclusive metaphor on life and death.

Alongside its heavily unpredictable story, Martyrs presented some of the most disturbing and unconceivable characters in cinematic history. The creation of such provocative and irritating personas was flawlessly executed, and their character progression was transcendental and almost philosophical.

Mylène Jampanoï and Morjana Alaoui’s faultless personification of two of the most unsettling personas I’ve ever seen was spellbindingly convincing. Both of their performances were exuding pure emotional excellence.

12 years ago, the cinematic world was engrossed by the release of the unsettling, unnerving, DISTURBING, irritating and anxiety-jerker Martyrs. Over the past decade and so, this cult-favorite gradually verified itself as a cruel and a rough cinematic experience that will engrave itself in the minds of each one of its viewers.

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