Netflix Someone has to die Series review

Someone has to die netflix

Someone Has to Die is a tale of infinite calamities, one pouring over the other, all mixed-up in what can be considered a meticulously well-made socio-political statement describing the most degenerating age in all of Spain’s history.

Alguien tiene que morir’s screenplay can be best described as a story of never-ending sorrow. Mostly categorized as a thriller, this soapy Spanish dramedy also had some elements of crime, mystery, and a whole lot of drama.

Someone Has to Die also serves as a social commentary, tackling some taboo-like subjects in 1950s Spain such as homosexuality and infidelity amongst many, many more. This analysis was tackled so effortlessly and just mixed naturally within the overall hypnotic atmosphere.

This drama does a prodigious job building up to an exhilarating climax to its epic tale. The entire narrative is an exemplary work of solid plotting, captivating character work and a satisfying conclusion.

The numerous enchanting personas of Alguien tiene que morir’ were immaculately interweaved within the multifaceted textiles of its multifaceted narrative. Their character evolution and multiple disclosures were purely marvelous and merely fascinating.

Ester Expósito, Alejandro Speitzer and Cecilia Suárez are a specimen of the star-studded cast which accurately personified the tremendously intricate and charming characters of this limited Spanish opera.

But, unquestionably the stand-out elements are certainly the elegant costume work, the enthralling score and the eye-gasmic camera arrangements and techniques.

Someone Has to Die  is just one of those shows that get you invested almost instantly and transport you to 1950s Spain.

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