Nymphomaniac Film Review

Nymphomaniac: Volume I, Reviews

With a tantalizing mixture of sexual obsession and naughty humor, Nymphomaniac is an unabashed sexual odyssey overflowing with captivating and cryptic references to art, history, religion, music, and literature.

Nymphomaniac’s intellectual narrative and its passionately stimulating examination on love and addiction, serves as an in-depth view on the concept of sex outside of the realms of love. It is a primal and an intuitive exploration of human intimacy and sexual pleasure.

Nymphomaniac is, at its deepest core, a political and a revolutionary erotic dreamscape that makes you want to look at the world in a different way, experience more, and listen more even. The film is broken up into several units, each with their own narrative and tone. It is a polyphonic piece of explicit sex and penetrating, and dare I even say, thought-provoking philosophy.

Scarred for life? Explicit Nymphomaniac trailer accidently shown to kids.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Shia LaBeouf and Stellan Skarsgård are just a small sample of the exhibitionistic cast who delivered undeniably challenging yet exemplar routines. Each one of this vastly accomplished ensemble embarked on a sexually driven endeavor that can only be defined as radical and artistic.

Von Trier’s unreformed cinematographic methods, when combined with Nymphomaniac’s titillating score and arousing pleasurable camera arrangements, shaped a sexually charged atmosphere that effortlessly translated the inclusive theme and attitude of this gratifying cinematic examination.

Nymphomaniac is a systematic and a tremendously comprehensive investigation of the force of sex and human connection. It’s a well-written, academic examination of erotic pleasure and human intimacy.

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