Ikala – Solitary by Maninder Chana Review

Ikala - Solitary by Maninder Chana We Film Festivals Poster

Review by Sandy Rakka

“By faith you can move mountains” and I’d add by faith you can move Solitary Sell’s Door too!

In this short Film “ IKALA” or “ Solitary”, written and directed by the Indian filmmaker “Maninder Chana”, it shows us and Indian Shiekh striving to make it out of a solitary confinement that he god prisoned in it during the war between Afghanistan and the USA.
This short film documented the struggle for a basic human kind instinct “The Survival Instinct” inspired by the life of the Guru “Biro Bant”, that shows us the power of prayers and beliefs.

In a beautiful cinematic frames, “Solitary” succeeded in captivating us and in keeping us prisoned in that sell too, wondering whether the Guru will make it through in the end.


With minutes left before U.S. forces level a Mujahideen camp, a Sikh prisoner trapped in solitary confinement turns to his faith to make a daring escape.

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