To Be Like You by Meredith Esquivel Review

Review by Sandy Rakka

“Sometimes it’s our common legacy that drives our passions ahead”

An indie filmmaker and an ambitious actor, both Danny Telman and Johnny Springton are young artists with a legacy to live up to!
“TO BE LIKE YOU” is a short film by Meredith Esquivel, it shows both Johnny and Danny who were mesmerized by their Kong Fu idol “Reggie Fox” when they were just kids. Later on they found that what intertwined them was not just the passion for acting or for filmmaking, it was their love for the Idol Fox!
In which by chance he crosses their roads again after more than 15 years later!
The Film was beautifully directed, as it showed us at the beginning of the kid’s passion towards filmmaking as he receives his first camera from his dad on the set of Reggie Fox’s shooting Session,
To end up fulfilling his dad’s desire to watch his son’s first ever made film, starring his actor friend Robert Bigley and Reggie Fox.


Both Danny Telman and Johnny Springton are young artists with a legacy to live up to. The weight of these societal and parental expectations weigh on them as the desperately try to find a way to be the masters of their own destinies. Once they are brought together by a chance posting for an acting gig, the unexpected interconnectedness of of their upbringings come to the forefront as their stories intertwine around the creation of something to call their own.

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