Melo Film Review

Mélo Film Review By Dima Saqfalhait “I’ll give you a year to weep Pierrot, to cry. Thinking you’ve had a great catastrophe.  Then you’ll marry Christiane. She’s pretty.” Romaine Mélo (1986) by Alain Resnais is a French romantic drama based on Henri Bernstein’s play under the same title, which was written almost sixty years earlier than the film, in 1929. Usually when one hears the name of Alain Resnais, one would instantly… Read More


In the Mood for Love Film Review By Dima Saqfalhait “You notice things if you pay attention.” Set in 1962 Hong Kong, In the Mood for Love (2000) by Wong Kar-wai demands the viewers’ full attention from its very beginning, as one tries to work out how the story will unfold, only to have their expectations reversed, every single time.  Two couples move on the same day to the same building, in… Read More

Les Rendezvous de Paris (1995) by Éric Rohmer I am lucky today as it happens that the first film I’m writing about is my new favourite film. I never had a favourite film before (there seems to be way too many good films out there!) but this one ticks all boxes: Neat cinematography, mind-provoking dialogue, decent performance and a heart-warming setting. What more can one ask for? I. “I got off the metro,… Read More