نال الفيلم القصير “روتين” جائزة الفيلم الأجنبي القصير ضمن مهرجان لبنان للأفلام المستقلة. ويروي الفيلم حكاية “قصي” الشاب الذي يعيش هواجس الإعتقال والفقد والحرمان في روتين يومي من العذاب. الفيلم من تأليف وإخراج أسامة داوود ومن بطولة الممثلين أحمد أحمد-خليل شيخ خليل-زينة الحريري-ندى عبود وغيرهم. إنه فيلم قصير جميل في سحر صورته وقوي في محتوى مضمونه وقضيته الوطنية والإنسانية…يحمل في طياته الكثير من الرموز الدرامية وقد يكاد يكون تفوق على الكثير من… Read More

Crytsal 8.5/10 Camilio Azoury’s CRYSTAL is an artistically intricate short film filled with orgasmic sensuality and epic murder mysteries.Despite its very short runtime, CRYSTAL still managed to explore heavy themes and break some cinematic boundaries when it comes to the Lebanese short films industry and cinema in general.The cinematography and camera movements are visually appealing. When combined with the ever-so-suitable score, it created a deeply hypnotic ambiance that one cannot seem to… Read More

Chmout - Rami Aidamouni poster

Chmout (8/10) Chmout retells a century old real-life story of sorrow and heartache in just 450 brief seconds. This short film by Rami Aidamouni, alongside being inspired by his family’s own tragedy, is actually narrating the story of hundreds of others whom can truly relate it. This is the kind of films that aims to deliver a certain message to whomever is watching it. It is a story commemorating the memory of… Read More

Le Sacre de l’Été (9/10) LIFF’s best feature foreign fiction winner ‘The Rite of Summer’ ‘Le Sacre de l’Été’ is simply a genuine ode to self expression and freedom amidst a society filled with conformity and underground secrets. Kostia, a young Parisian dancer, tries to put on a show that brings together his two passions: dance and French variety. The relationship created between him and his dance teacher will teach him to… Read More