After an innocent AOL chat turns racy, a Catholic teenager in the early 00s discovers masturbating and struggles to suppress her new urges in the face of eternal damnation.Yes, God, Yes is without a doubt a unique insight on the silliness of blind belief and religion in a truly humorous manner.In my opinion, the script was slightly provocative but at the same time completely accurate and representative. Like I believe that this… Read More

إن عظمة الإبداع في الفن السابع تحمل في طياتها جنونا سينمائيا فريدا من نوعه…جنون إبداع بكل تفاصيله السحرية…بكل معالمه وخباياه وإمتيازاته…إبداع يلخص السينما بكل جمالها وسحرها وعالمها الخاص الذي لا يشبه أي عوالم أخرى, عالم لا مثيل له…إبداع يضاعف حبك للسينما ويزيد شغفك الجنوني بها. أتكلم عن إبداع فيلم “حياة ديفيد غيل”, هذا الفيلم الرائع الذي شكل بصمة لا تمحى في تاريخ السينما وسطر نفسه كأحد أهم وأعظم أفلام الألفية إن لم… Read More

La Double Vie de Véronique Film Review La double vie de Véronique is an honestly brutal exposition about Life, Death and Intuition that speaks with a prohibited language filled with nuanced sentiments and subtle yet extremely expressive body movements!!The movie serves as an exposé on two parallel stories about two identical women; one living in Poland, the other in France. They don’t know each other, but their lives are nevertheless profoundly connected.La… Read More

Elisa & Marcela 8/10 Elisa & Marcela is a cinematic gem that teaches us the true meaning of love and suffering and how they’re both infinitely intertwined and inseparable! This movie follows the true story of Elisa and Marcela, who, in 1885, meet and form a great friendship, which grows into a forbidden love that they have to keep hidden. In 1901, Elisa adopts a male identity in order to marry the… Read More

LIFF - Homemade Netflix Series Review

Homemade Netflix Series Review By Dima Saqfalhait “We live according to conventions and norms. Like the calendar, the watch, and birthdays, and vacations and holidays and happy hour. But what do we do once these things are removed?”  Ana Lily Amirpour Today’s review is a bit different from the usual. Although I committed myself this year to catching up on as many cinema classics as I can from all over the world… Read More

Plaire Aimer Courir Vite

Plaire, Aimer et Courir Vite 9/10 Set in 1993, 39-year-old gay author Jacques begins an intense romance with 22-year-old Arthur. Between looking after his son and coming to terms with his impending fate, Jacques struggles to keep things platonic with Arthur to prevent heartache. Plaire, Aimer et Courir Vite (also known as Sorry Angel) is an unapologetically brutal love story that serves as an exposé to the infinitely intertwined relationship between passion… Read More

Family Romance LLC Film Review By Dima Saqfalhait “Our policy at Family Romance is that we can only do what we really are.” I’ve always been intrigued by films that skillfully blur the line between reality and fiction. Oftentimes, in our daily lives, we find ourselves unable to tell reality from fiction. They appear to be so delicately intertwined that it feels almost absurd to try to single out one from the… Read More

Netflix Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Film Review by Sam The Critic. Two small-town singers chase their pop star dreams at a global music competition, where high stakes, scheming rivals and onstage mishaps test their bond.Starring:Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Dan Stevens #netflix #eurovision #firesaga

Netflix 365 days Film directed by Barbara Białowąs Review by Ana Rolling

Infamous 7/10 This is it. This is the role that Bella Thorne had been waiting for pretty much her entire life. This is the movie that will, hopefully, define her acting career and give her the recognition she so desperately deserves. Infamous is a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde kind of film with some deeply impactful social and psychological themes. As I just mentioned, this film tackles numerous interesting and provocative themes such… Read More