vivarium review

Vivarium (8.5/10) Hoping to find the perfect place to live, a couple travel to a suburban neighborhood in which all the houses look identical. But when they try to leave the labyrinth-like development, each road mysteriously takes them back to where they started. Talk about creepy! Vivarium is an imaginative thriller that leaves everything to the spectator’s imagination and own interpretations. The plot is extremely multi-dimensional and actually raise a handful of… Read More

The other lamn review

The Other Lamb (8/10) For her entire life, the cult she was born into has been all that teenage Selah has known. Along with a band of similarly cloistered young women she lives seemingly unstuck in time, cut off from modern society in a remote forest commune presided over by a man called Shepherd, a controlling, messiah-like figure with a frightening dark side. But when her insular world is rocked by a… Read More

And then we danced

And then we danced (8.5/10) A passionate coming-of-age tale set amidst the conservative confines of modern Tbilisi, the film follows Merab, a competitive dancer who is thrown off balance by the arrival of Irakli, a fellow male dancer with a rebellious streak. “And Then We Danced” is a brutally honest and devastating love story that speaks with a forbidden language filled with passion, lust and dreams! The entire story is basically an… Read More

Bombshell Review

Bombshell (9/10) A revealing look inside the most powerful and controversial media empire of all time and the explosive story of the women who brought down the infamous man who created it. When you have Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly, Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson and Margot Robbie as Kayla Pospisil, you can easily expect Bombshell-like performances that can immediately be described as some of the best performances we’ve witnessed this entire… Read More

Jojo Rabbit Review

JoJo Rabbit (9/10) Jojo is a lonely German boy who discovers that his single mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their attic. Aided only by his imaginary friend — Adolf Hitler — Jojo must confront his blind nationalism as World War II continues to rage on. What is Jojo Rabbit all about? Is it about Nazism? Is it about Hitler? About World Wars? Yes, it is all these and more. Jojo… Read More

  We Love Lebanese Movies! Mahbas is a Lebanese romantic comedy directed by Sophie Boutros. Go check our review! Follow Ana_Rolling on Instagram @ana_rolling #lebanesemovie #moviereview #movies #film #review #lebaneseindependentfilmfestival #liffofficial #Mahbas #lebanon #film

The Platform a Spanish Sci-fi/Thriller Movie that it streaming on Netflix ! Check my first IGTV and tell me what you think of the movie in the Comment Box below. Follow Sam The Critic on Instagram @samthecritic #netflix #moviereview #movies #film #review #lebaneseindependentfilmfestival #liffofficial #theplatform

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of What the Flop ! Hugh Jackman comes back with an outstanding performance but is it really worth watching ? Watch my review to know more . Rating :🍿🍿-Good Follow Sam The Critic on Instagram @samthecritic #netflix #moviereview #movies #film #review #lebaneseindependentfilmfestival #liffofficial #badeducation

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of WHAT THE FLOP! The movies I choose for you today are a bit new to some of you and I hope you enjoy these movies during your quarantine ! Comment , share and like will be highly appreciated ! List of Movie : 5.The Brave One 4.Serendipity 3.1000 Words 2.Green Book 1.Cinema Paradiso Follow Sam The Critic on Instagram @samthecritic #netflix #moviereview #movies… Read More

  Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of What The Flop ! Today’s episode is going to talk about the new Netflix original All day and a Night . Do you really think it will take me All day and a night to get over this movie ? I hope you like my movie review suggest more movies in the comment box below and stay tuned for my New collaboration… Read More

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