Tom Hanks is a Forrest Gump Film Review by Sam The Critic. Forrest, a man with low IQ, recounts the early years of his life when he found himself in the middle of key historical events. All he wants now is to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart, Jenny.Release date: October, 1994Director: Robert ZemeckisBox office: 678.2 million USDFeatured song: Forrest Gump Awards: Academy Award for Best Picture, MORE

نال الفيلم القصير “روتين” جائزة الفيلم الأجنبي القصير ضمن مهرجان لبنان للأفلام المستقلة. ويروي الفيلم حكاية “قصي” الشاب الذي يعيش هواجس الإعتقال والفقد والحرمان في روتين يومي من العذاب. الفيلم من تأليف وإخراج أسامة داوود ومن بطولة الممثلين أحمد أحمد-خليل شيخ خليل-زينة الحريري-ندى عبود وغيرهم. إنه فيلم قصير جميل في سحر صورته وقوي في محتوى مضمونه وقضيته الوطنية والإنسانية…يحمل في طياته الكثير من الرموز الدرامية وقد يكاد يكون تفوق على الكثير من… Read More

Barzakh Film Review By Dima Saqfalhait “If you were a bringer of joy, why do you wish to leave your home?” Today’s film review is quite special. The Lebanese Independent Film Festival gave me the chance to watch Barzakh (2018) by Hussein Hossam (which is currently playing on their Vimeo platform) and offer my review of the film. Whereas I usually resort to world classics, mostly long fiction, this one is relatively… Read More

In the wake of 2006’s bombardment of Lebanon, a woman finds her way into the country when a taxi driver takes a risky journey around the scarred region in search of her sister and her son.Director: Philippe AractingiCinematography: Nidal Abdul KhalekScreenplay: Philippe Aractingi, Michel Léviant

Elisa & Marcela 8/10 Elisa & Marcela is a cinematic gem that teaches us the true meaning of love and suffering and how they’re both infinitely intertwined and inseparable! This movie follows the true story of Elisa and Marcela, who, in 1885, meet and form a great friendship, which grows into a forbidden love that they have to keep hidden. In 1901, Elisa adopts a male identity in order to marry the… Read More

The Mask (1994) Film Review by Sam The Critic – Jim Carrey Movie. Characters: Milo the Dog, Dorian Tyrell, Loki, Stanley Ipkiss.Directors: Chuck Russell, Lawrence Guterman Production companies: New Line Cinema, Dark Horse. Entertainment, Gang of Seven Animation, Radar Pictures

فيلم What they had…جميعنا سنرحل يوما ما قيل : “الحياة فيض من الذكريات تصب في بحر النسيان, أما الموت فهو الحقيقة الراسخة…” وقد نهفو في الحياة إلى زمن بلا عنوان وقد ننسى وننسى فلا يبقى لنا شئ لنذكره مع النسيان ويكفي أننا يوما تلاقت أقدارنا بلا إستئذان…وما النسيان سوى قلب صفحة من كتاب العمر قد يبدو الأمر سهلا لكن ما دمت لا تستطيع إقتلاعها ستظل تعثر عليها بين كل فصل من فصول حياتك…. Read More

Al Hmar Film by Tariq Keblaoui Watch Al Hmar here In Ancient Phoenicia, an old man is conned into believing that he had sinned by treating a man as his work-donkey for many years, and seeks forgiveness from the Gods to relieve himself of his wrongdoing. Al Hmar is a heavily symbolic short film that translates the absurdities of folktales and their superstitious consequences in a really humorous manner. Superstition and deception… Read More

365 DNI: 6.5/10 Despite everything you have heard or read regarding 365 DNI, it is actually a really entertaining film with an exciting plot and some over-the-top twists and turns. Massimo is a member of the Sicilian Mafia family and Laura is a sales director. She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her 365 days to fall in… Read More

LIFF - Homemade Netflix Series Review

Homemade Netflix Series Review By Dima Saqfalhait “We live according to conventions and norms. Like the calendar, the watch, and birthdays, and vacations and holidays and happy hour. But what do we do once these things are removed?”  Ana Lily Amirpour Today’s review is a bit different from the usual. Although I committed myself this year to catching up on as many cinema classics as I can from all over the world… Read More